Odawara plum Festival 2020

In Soga Bairin becoming main meeting place of “Odawara plum Festival”, it is from three Bairin of Bessho, Hara, Nakagawara opening in hometown of Soga brothers whom even story of revenge is known to, Soga area. Of white plum blossoms, besides, can enjoy Japanese apricot with red blossoms for admiration and plum which hang down, and is fragrant everywhere of downtown including plum, and drifts.
 Backed by Mount Fuji and the mountains of Hakone, approximately 35,000 plums are in full glory all at once, and Mount Fuji to look at is chosen for “Fujimi 100 view of Kanto” by this ground. We splash horseback archery (thicket shark), Odawara lantern dance and Kotobuki lion dance, seed of folk art, and, during period of plum Festival, events such as meetings are performed.
 In addition, stand is established in each meeting place, and pickled plum which is special product or plum wain, plum jam are sold other than sweet alcoholic drink made from sake lees or oden.
 Approximately 250 plums are planted in Odawara ruins of a castle park, and figure blooming backed by the castle tower and castle gate is very tasteful. It is place where is popular as photography spot.
 In addition, we can enjoy floral art of pretty plum in Odawara flower garden, Tsujimura plant park.

Last updated: 25 December, 2019
Date 1 February, 2020 - 1 March, 2020
Venue Soga Bairin, Odawara ruins of a castle park
389, Sogabessho, Odawara, Kanagawa 250-0205