Experience the Delicious! Amazing! Food Festival Tokyo Harvest 2019!
A gathering of Japan’s top food producers

Tokyo Harvest is a harvest festival for all people to pay respect and gratitude to farmers, fishermen, and cattle ranchers. It is one of the most famous harvest festivals inJapan. You can enjoy what you’ve never experienced in Tokyo: rare shothorn cattle beef whose population is 1% of domestic cattle, cocktails made from peaches with a sugar content that deserves a “”Guiness World Record””, an extraordinary skill to keep fish fresh, and a taste conparison of fruits and vegetables to feel the discerning skill of the farmers.

Last updated: 6 September, 2019

21 September, 2019 - 22 September, 2019

21 September 11:00-18:00 / 22 September 10:00-19:00

Entry Free

Komazawa Olympic Koen (Park)

1-1 Komazawakoen, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0013