Yonekawa Mizukaburi (ship water) 2020

“Yonekawa Mizukaburi” is a traditional ritual which has been passed down for generations at Yonekawa.
Men make a procession throughout the town of Yonekawa, putting soot on their cheeks and a costume made of rice straws. They throw the water in wooden pails up to the roof of the houses, praying as deities, for fire prevention of the house.
Spectators pull a piece of straw from the costume and keep it as an amulet on the roof of their house.

Last updated: 9 January, 2020
Date 9 February, 2020
Time Start at 10:10 am
Venue Daijiji temple gate square
56, Machisita, Towacho Yonekawa, Tome-shi, Miyagi 987-0901