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Tokyo Flea Market ’24 SPRING

We are pleased to announce the “Tokyo Flea Market ’24 SPRING” on May 31 (Fri.), June 1 (Sat.) and 2 (Sun.), 2024.

The Tokyo Flea Market was born in 2012 as a festival of good old things. The event is not only for shopping, but also for gourmet food and live entertainment, and is held at Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa, Tokyo. 260 stores selling secondhand goods, secondhand clothes, Scandinavian goods, food, etc. are invited from all over Japan, and four live stages and street performances are held each day. and more at ……. The Tokyo Flea Market is packed with excitement for both adults and children.

The Tokyo Flea Market will be enhanced with the following three elements!

The kids’ area will be reborn with the theme of “Children take the lead!
For the first time, we will hold the “Children’s Flea Market,” a space where children can think for themselves and independently sell and service their wares. Children of elementary school age will be the owners of the stalls, and a total of 35 groups will display and sell their creations. Let’s have fun all day long at the “Children’s Fair” with items and workshops by selected makers and shopkeepers, and the “Kids’ Stage” with performers who can sing, make things, and dance!

◎Comedy” will appear on the Live Stage!
A wide range of “funny” acts will be performed, from those that make children laugh to eccentric ones that adults can also enjoy. You will surely feel the joy of laughter! This is the perfect place for those who not only want to be enchanted by live acoustic music, but also want to laugh with all their might.

◎New area “Wamono Kaido” was born!
Japanese products and works of art created by traditional Japanese crafts and new sensibilities. If you find an item that is “chic and inelegant,” please take it in your hands. You may be able to experience firsthand the craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation!
<KIHARA, Sakurai Kokeshi Dolls, Takada Kozo Shoten, Tsutsui Tokimasa Toy Fireworks Factory, Nakatsu Broomstick

When we held this event last November, more than 60,000 people visited us over the three days. The Tokyo Flea Market is becoming more and more popular each time it is held. We hope that you will help us to make the Tokyo Flea Market known to as many people as possible. Please check the details below, along with the attached documents.

Summary of “Tokyo Flea Market ’24 SPRING
Dates: May 31 (Fri.), June 1 (Sat.), and June 2 (Sun.), 2024
Hours: 9:30-17:00
Venue: National Showa Memorial Park, Midori no Bunka Zone, Yume Hiroba
(3173 Midori-cho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo)
Official website:
Official Instagram:

[Admission fee]
Online ticket (advance ticket): 1,500 yen
Tickets sold at the venue (day-of-performance tickets): 2,000 yen
Letter Company’s Buin Limited and Admission Digital Ticket: 1,500 yen
*Free admission for junior high school students and younger
Ticket sales page:
*Sales of tickets will end when the stipulated number of tickets is reached.
*Admission will be in the order of arrival, including those who purchase tickets on the day of the event.
*There is a screening process to become a buin member of Letter Co. Please apply for membership on the official Letter Company website.

[Children’s Flea Market: 35 groups
295 groups in total
Secondhand goods, secondhand books, secondhand clothes, miscellaneous goods, Tokyo Scandinavian Market, Tokyo Asian Town, Kids’ Marche, Flower Marche, Backpack Bazaar, World Tea Room, Tokyo Snack Street, food, relaxation, workshops, trains, paper goods, cloth exposition, crafts, outdoor, Japanese goods road.

[Live Stage]
◎Main Stage
<5/31 (Fri.) 11:00~11:40 Homecomings 12:30~12:50 Tomoda Ore 14:00~14:40 Hoffdiran 16:00~16:40 Yasuyuki Horigome <6/1 (Sat) 11:00~11:40 The Poo 12:30~12:50 Ohoshintaro 14:00~14:40 Tsuji Ayano 16:00~16:40 Kotringo <6/2 (Sun.) 11:00~11:40 advantage Lucy 12:30~12:50 Suzuki Geronimo 14:00~14:40 Hideki Kaji 16:00~16:40 Reitaro Bizarre ◎Kids Stage <5/31(Fri.) 10:30-11:00 EPPAI 13:00-13:30 Shofukutei Tsurusho (Founder of Puppet Rakugo) 15:00-15:30 Kuricorder Quartet <Saturday, June 1 10:30-11:00 Tsun Tsun Tsun Banpaku 13:00-13:30 Omusubi Hiroba 15:00-15:30 Dr. Bublin <6/2 (Sun.) 10:30-11:00 Dekita-kun 13:00-13:30 DJ Misoshiru and MC Gohan 15:00-15:30 TheWorthless [Performers] Shinpei Kaneko Koji Koji Moheji TheWorthless DAN Dekitaku-kun Dr. Baburin p0p0balloon MACHIDEF [Attraction] Barter bookshelf Barter Lottery Take hidden photos of the owner! Become a paparazzi! You are the fashion leader! Comedy Contest in Carta! Anteater Greeting Where did you come from board? Find the four-leaf clover! Find Mr. Stump!

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Last updated: 24 April, 2024
Date 31 May, 2024 - 2 June, 2024
Time 9:30〜17:00
Price Advance tickets: 1,300 yen,Same-day ticket: 1,500 yen.Letter Company's buin limited, admission digital ticket: 1,300 yen*Free admission for junior high school students and younger
Venue National Showa Memorial Park, Midori no Bunka Zone, Yume Hiroba
3173, Midoricho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0014