An overnight trip of Life with Nature Crawl in Tamba Sasayama

[An overnight trip of Life with Nature Crawl in Tamba Sasayama]
From Kyoto to Tamba Sasayama Japan Heritage, foreign applicants are highly welcomed!
Start: 8/4 13:00 Fukusumi Bus Stop, Tamba Sasayama Finish: 8/5 18:30 Fukusumi Bus Stop / English-Speaking guide included / Necessary to respond survey / Application Deadline on 7/28 2019
Maximum 10 people. Free for tourism, but 2,000 yen required as 1st night dinner and 2nd day breakfast.

This Saikyo Kaido Tour is part of the Tourist Site Development Project promoted by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs. In the Edo period (1603 – 1868), Tamba Sasayama located in the center of Saikyo Kaido (Ancient West Kyoto Route) had been flourished as a city connecting Tamba area and Kyoto. This tour aims to discover and verify hidden charms of Tamba Sasayama through Saikyo Kaido. Applicants will know much about its history, local culture, and food!
Join the tour and enjoy the local history, culture, and food!

1.Sumiyoshi Shrine (Kawara, Sasayama)
The main deity of the shrine is worshiped as the god of agriculture and industrial. The shrine was established in 1081 to pray for good harvest and averting disaster.

2.Fukusumi, rural houses
The Post station townscape remains from Edo period, as same as traditional rural houses around the town.

3. Houkabe shrine Festival
In the annual traditional festival of Houkabe shrine, please see 8 festival floats are wheeled in the rice field.

4.Makekirai Inari shrine
People pray for prosperous business, victory, and passing admissions at the shrine. One of the best popular spot for taking picture under the tunnel of Torii gates.

5. Hands-on experience to make Japanese style breakfast
Let’s make the typical Japanese style breakfast, Miso soup and rice. Try also using of fresh summer vegetables!

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Last updated: 9 July, 2019

4 August, 2019 - 5 August, 2019



Tamba Sasayama City

Sasayama Castle Oshoin, 2-3 Kitashinmachi Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture 669-2332