Attaka Amakusa Tsubaki matsuri (2019)

Agar at early spring! “Whether you had that, agar camellia festival” is held at Nishidaira camellia park located in agar west coast.
Various kinds of camellias of the world in addition to the thicket camellia clumped in a park stretch bloom until the middle of March.

There are a camellia sketch meeting in addition to a stage and an oil expression demonstration of camellia oil of a local idol by an event.
There is also sale of home-grown pirate pot with fan shrimp and camellia oil rice, so right or wrong going out, please.

Last updated: 6 February, 2019

3 March, 2019


Amakusamachi Oe, Amakusa-shi, Kumamoto 863-2801