Theatre of Peace 4th

Watch out for the special film event 【Theatre of Peace 4th】by Keio University’s S.A.L. !

On the 16th of November 2019, S.A.L. will host a special film event 【Theatre of Peace 4th】at United Cinema Aqua-City, Odaiba.

With the concept “Know the One, Expand the World”,
【Theatre of Peace 4th】will play documentary films focused on 4 different global issues: the Rohingya crisis, discrimination against Hansens’s disease, Whale Hunting and the debate around U.S. military base in Okinawa.

The ticket available:

Last updated: 8 November, 2019
Date 16 November, 2019
Time 14:00〜16:30(Theatre open at 13:40)
Price 800 yen
Venue United Cinema Aqua-City Odaiba
1-7-1 Minato-ku Daiba, Tokyo 135-0091 135-0091