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The 55th TIEC Cross-Cultural Seminar

We are pleased to announce that the 55th TIEC Cross-Cultural Seminar will be held live stream on YOUTUBE.
It will be start at 15:00 Saturday 10th December 2022 on YOUTUBE “TIEC&HIH Channel”.
The 55th TIEC Cross-Cultural Seminar is regarding “Architecture Japanese Castle-城の建築-”. Japanese castles are more enjoyable to see with knowledge due to their use of superior architectural techniques and various innovations with complex structures. This will be a great opportunity to discover new ways to enjoy Japanese castles. This time, we invited a guest speaker Ms. HAGIWARA Sachiko who is an essayist and editor, she will give us lectures on the castle keeps, and the traditional architecture of Japanese castles. We hope you will enjoy it!
JASSO Cross-Cultural seminar invites various experts in the front line of diverse fields in Japan to give a speech enabling the participants to have a deeper understanding of Japan from multiple perspectives. This event is open to the public and admission is free. So, we are looking forward to your participation!

≪For those of you, who want to get deepened understanding of the castles.≫
The special Q&A session will hold to even more enjoy the 55th TIEC Cross-cultural Seminar.
After the YOUTUBE live seminar, an online (Zoom) Q&A session will be held. It will be the great opportunity to ask questions directly to the guest speaker. Please don’t forget to Pre-registration for this special program!
Saturday, 10th December, 2022
Just after the YOUTUBE Live (16:00-16:30)Via Zoom
How to register:
*Pre-registration is required.
*We will inform you Zoom URL for the participants.
Opening to the public & Admission Free!* Limited number 20 people of participates(If there are many applications, the participants will be chosen by a lottery.)
Japanese-English Consecutive interpreting is provided

Last updated: 24 November, 2022
Date 10 December, 2022
Time Start at 15:00PM
Price Admission free(Both Online Seminar and the Special Q&A Session)