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Skill Up Training for DV Victim Support

Recent years, in the fields such as medical care, welfare, clinical practice, and counseling, therapists have expanded opportunities to respond to DV victims through telephone and face-to-face counseling as the Anti-domestic Violence Law became in effect and was amended. We are certain that many of you in these fields have experiences to cudgel your brains for dealing with situations such as victims keep asking you similar questions over and over and you cannot navigate ambivalence of victims to take action easily.
In this workshop, we will provide you frameworks of simulations and corresponding techniques, which would be useful immediately in these cases. Not only lectures, but also we will include demonstrations by instructors and role-play practices abundantly, so you would not find so many opportunities like this program to learn particularly and concretely in Japan. We strongly encourage you to attend this program.
Nature of DV/ Victims’ mental mechanism/ Support techniques that victims can have a feeling of safety/ Skills of self-care/Appropriate support responded to victims’recovery/To catch hidden needs of victims/ Unconscious bias which disturbs victim first/ Application of reframing/ and others

Last updated: 2 June, 2022
Date 21 August, 2022
Time am10:00~pm4:30
Price 7,700 yen) →After the payment is completed, we will send you site information.
Venue Tokyo Volunteer Action Center
Iidabashi Central plaza 10F, kaguragashi 1-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo