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Based on the World Science Fiction Convention that has been held in the United States since 1939, it has been held in Japan since 1962.
The longest-running subculture convention
An event that has had a great influence on recent anime, novels, movies, and art

The sponsorship is usually run by volunteers from the science fiction fans at the venue.
Candidates two years ago and will be ready if approved
Until now, it has been held not only in big cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, but all over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

The early competition was hosted by young people aiming to become science fiction writers.In the olden days, Sakyo Komatsu, Shinichi Hoshi, Osamu Tezuka, etc. also participated.It is also the soil to create creators who are currently active on the front lines by touching their talents and turning their careers to becoming professionals in the entertainment industry.Participants include fans and novelists, as well as cartoonists, illustrators, anime-related people, editors, film-related participants, and scientific researchers.We talk a lot without any distinction and hold a big banquet once a year.

Therefore, various projects are held.Many events such as artist panel discussions, science symposiums, fan exchanges, cosplay, screenings, art exhibitions, and spot sales are held at the same time.It will be two days of dreams.

Last updated: 14 June, 2022
Date 27 August, 2022 - 28 August, 2022
Time 12:00 am - next morning 3:00 pm
Price adult:6500yen~30000yen(Please check the official website for details.)
Venue Hotel Hananoyu