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Cultural Festival

“Cultural Festival” is held on meny universities and schools in Japan.
That is usual event for Japanese,however it rarely take place on another country.
You can know that how much special is that event, then Wikipedia in English introduce below,
Cultural festival (Japan), an annual event held by most schools in Japan”.

That festival seems to be attracted by quite a few foreigners, becouse they see “Cultural Festival”to watch anime and read manga.

What is taken place in “Cultural Festival” ?

  • ●Sutudent makes…
    Beauty Contest, Drama, Movies, Gig and Concert, Street stall
  • ●Guest makes…
    Lecture meeting and Talk show, Gig and Concert, Comedy
  • ●University makes…
    Information session, Trial lesson, Lecture meeting

Sapporo University
In Ishikari city 45th Sapporo University Festival 2012/10/23(4:50)

Miyazaki University
Miyazaki University Festival [7th Seika Festival]Digest(by Kihana cumpus)

Famous “Cultural Festival”

Satsuki Festival in Tokyo University, Harvest festival in Tokyo Agricultural University are very historic.
“(University) Culture Festival” to perform the Beauty Contest that produced many entertainers are also a lot of attention.

Keio University
Miss Keio Contest 2012 Finale Miss Keio Contest 2012

Sophia University
Miss Sophia Contest 2012 PV

Are general participants possible?

Most university is open to the public, but you need to be more careful on high school(or less), becouse it has limited visitors or is closed.

JAPAN ATTRACTIONS features "Cultural Festival" to take place in University and school this time.
How about "Cultural Festival"?
We reccomend to see Festival being held by the same generation for student, or steep yourself in feeling sutudent for adult.

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