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Winter Illumination 2019-2020

In clear air, it is the season when towns shine.
When it is winter in Japan, illuminations are seen at many cities and famous places.
Recently, there are many events to project images on buildings with the Projection Mapping (3D mapping)technology.

Recommended illumination video

The opening of light Festival “kobe-luminarie”

●Sagamiko Illumillion
[HD]The Kanto’s greatest illuminations Sagamiko Illumillion Christmas illuminations

Recommended Projection Mapping video

●Tokyo Sky Tree
Tokyo Skytree Town Projection mapping 2013

●Caretta Shiodome
Caretta SHIODOME Projection mapping 2013

●Tokyo Station
Nikon D800 MICHITERASU TOKYO 2012 Winter TOKYO HIKARI VISION Projection Mapping

●Caretta Shiodome
Caretta SHIODOME Projection mapping 2012

JAPAN ATTRACTIONS features winter gorgeous illuminations and Projection Mapping.
How about on outing and a dating? It is cold out, but the heart surely warms.

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