Gokase Highland Ski Resort’s 2019 Season is going to open soon!!

2019 season of Gokase Highland Ski Resort, the southernmost Ski Rrsort in Japan, will open on December 14. Thanks to its altitude of 1610m and its equipment of ICS system which makes it possible to make snow even in 15℃ higher temperatue than that of the area, you can always enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the best-conditioned ski slopes.
Please come to Gokase Highland Ski Resort to enjoy the winter of 2019 season.

Last updated: 10 December, 2018

14 December, 2018 - 3 March, 2019

8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Gokase highland ski resort

Kuraoka 4647-171 Gokase-cho Nisiusuki-gun Miyazaki-ken 882-1201