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nippon labo / web school where you can casually learn Japanese culture

“nippon labo” is a “web school where you can casually learn Japanese culture from any location whenever you want.

If you fall under one of the following, our method of “learning Japanese culture” via PC, tablet PC or smartphone may solve your worries.

1. I want to go, but I’m too busy to take any lessons…
2. All of the lessons are so far away…
3. The environment of the culture and lessons look so “high-class”…
4. I won’t be able to understand everything by just 1 lesson…

Register here to experience a new way to learn Japanese culture!
  • You can casually learn from wherever you are and whenever you want via PC, tablet PC or smartphone!

  • 1 lesson is only 5 minutes long, and you can run the video repeatedly!

  • 1 lesson costs only 500 yen!

  • 10 Dishes for Learning Japanese Food Culture

  • How to Wear and Enjoy Kimono

  • How to Learn the Basics of Nihon Buyo(Japanese traditional dance) in 5 minutes