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Sakuraco is an authentic Japanese snack subscription box. It’s our passion to spread the unique and refined food culture of Japan across the world via the approachable medium of snacks and sweets. No matter where you are in the world, Sakuraco is bringing Japan to your door with worldwide shipping and a global community of subscribers. Each Sakuraco snack box will whisk you away on an exciting journey full of discovery. Experience a new side of Japan with Sakuraco.
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Uncover the Secrets of Mt. Fuji with Sakuraco

Sakuraco is sending subscribers on an adventure to discover the cultural significance behind Mt. Fuji and its surrounding regions this September.
Affectionately referred to as “Fuji-san” by locals, there is truly no Japanese landmark more iconic than Mt. Fuji.
Considered to be one of the “Three Holy Mountains” of Japan, Mt. Fuji boasts a spot on the World Heritage List, as well as being considered a Special Place of Scenic Beauty and an official Historic Site of Japan.
Anyone who’s had the privilege of experiencing the beauty of Mt. Fuji firsthand can certainly understand why. Hundreds of thousands of people climb Fuji-san every year, and making the trek is often thought of as a rite of passage for tourists and backpackers.
Sakuraco has curated this month’s box to allow subscribers who may have difficulty reaching Mt. Fuji themselves experience the flavors and feelings that the region evokes.

Here’s just a few items you’ll discover…

  • Matcha-flavored Sencha tea – Sweet matcha powder elevates the rich umami flavor of this roasted green tea! Simply steep in hot water for 1 minute, remove the bag from your cup and enjoy.
  • Awase Fruit Jelly – Created from the special cherries of Yamanashi mixed with refreshing Mikan orange, this refreshing fruit jelly is bursting with authentic flavor.
  • Mt. Fuji-inspired Owan Bowl – Perfect for sharing snacks with loved ones – or simply as a charming display piece, this traditional Owan bowl pays homage to Japan’s most beloved mountain.

The “Flavors of Mt. Fuji” Sakuraco box contains 20 authentic Japanese sweets and tea and is available through the end of September, so be sure to get yours before it’s gone.