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Yoshihisa Ano Exhibition “Forms of life -Everyday Life, Existence, Memories-”

The museum has continued to hold exhibitions introducing artists with ties to the region. This is the 8th installment of this series, featuring Yoshihisa Ano (b. 1958), who lives in Kiyosu City.
Ano draws imaginary landscapes generated from his memory while staring at the forms of life such as the human body and plants. In this exhibition, we will look back not only on his paintings, but also on his early sculpture works composed of natural materials such as driftwood.
As an educator at Aichi University of the Arts, Ano has nurtured the free creativity of many students. At related events, we will introduce a part of it through workshops.

Last updated: 17 August, 2022
Date 10 September, 2022 - 13 November, 2022
Time 10:00-19:00 (Entrance until 18:30)
Price General:¥500
Under Junior High School Students for free
Venue Kiyosu City Haruhi Art Museum
1 Haruhi Yume no Mori, Kiyosu City, Aichi Prefecture 452-0961