The 68th Nagahama Bonsai Exhibition of Ume Trees with Blossoms

The annual bonsai plum tree festival marks the imminent arrival of spring in Nagahama. Some ninety pots of graceful plum trees, some hundreds of years old, are exhibited in the Keiunkan Hall. The oldest tree is over 400 years old, and some have tree trunks as wide as 3 meters.

※Video is a thing of the past.

Last updated: 3 December, 2018

10 January, 2019 - 10 March, 2019

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Admission until 4:30 p.m)

Adults 500yen / Elementary and junior high school students 200yen

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2-5, Minatocho, Nagahama-shi, Shiga, 526-0067