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The process of making a FURAFU(Kochi)

A big fishing flag that flutters brightly under the blue sky in May. This is called “FURAFU”, and the FURAFU fried in Kochi’s Tango no Sekku is large, 4m long and 7m wide. A town painter, Ekin, who is said to have also worked in dyeing. FURAFU and kites drawn by Ekin have not been confirmed, but it can be said to be a very important craft to deepen the understanding of Ekin. This time, with the cooperation of Yoshikawa Dyeing Shop, we will introduce the process of making “FURAFU” in three stages.

Last updated: 5 April, 2021
Date 6 April, 2021 - 27 June, 2021
Time 9:00~17:00
Price Admission: Adults 520 yen, high school students 300 yen, elementary and junior high school students 150 yen
Venue Ekingura
538, Akaokacho, Konan Shi, Kochi 781-5310