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Gaigosai is a school festival that is held annually during the end of November for 5 days by the students from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) at the university’s campus. Approximately 30 thousand individuals visit Gaigosai every year. Gaigosai has an impressive long history that dates back to 1901, which makes this year the 98th time that Gaigosai has been held. At Gaigosai, you will have the opportunity to experience cultures and cuisines from different countries around the world without conducting any actual travel. Here at Gaigosai, we provide memorable experience that makes you feel like you had travelled to different countries in the world.

Due to the Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), we will be holding the 98th Gaigosai online! All you need to do to take part in our intriguing events and activities is to access the GAIGOSAI WEB. By taking advantage of the internet which provides access from anywhere at any time, our goal this year is to be the portal that brings the world to you without you leaving your comfortable home.

Our most featured event every year is the “GOGEKI” (語劇), which literally translates as language play. This play involves sophomores and volunteer organizations from TUFS and they will be performing it in the language or regions they major in. This year, visitors will have the ability to access pre-recorded performance through the GAIGOSAI WEB at any time. Which means that you won’t miss or be late to any shows!

Unfortunately, students from TUFS were not able to provide freshly made cuisines of the world at Gaigosai due to the online characteristic. However, worry not, we have prepared a few gourmet recipes from different countries and regions that will be included in our official guidebook. Take some time off and try it out! You can even customize it to your preference. Take fascinating photos of your works and share it with us on Instagram through the hashtags #おうちで外語飯 or #gaigohan.

We will be presenting the 98th Gaigosai in 27 languages so that not only Japanese speakers, but everyone from around the world can join us in “travelling” around the world without leaving our country during this pandemic. For further information, hesitate not and visit our website!—wkNp4X6vXUilswQ

Last updated: 25 August, 2020
Date 19 November, 2020 - 23 November, 2020