Ondekoza Concert -The Chain of Wandering “Once in a lifetime”-

Ondekoza is a Japanese troupe specializing in taiko drumming. In these days, Ondekoza has suceeded in not only in Japan but also overseas. This concert will be very special with fantastic guests, Umezu Kazutoki (saxophone/clarinet), Otaka Shizuru (singer, voice artist) and Okubo Tomoko (Koto). Don’t miss this great concert!

All reserved seats
Pre-schools cannot enter.

You can get the tickets at…
・Ticket Guide TEL 052-249-9387
・Online Ticket Service
・Ticket Pia [P code 150-480 ] TEL 0570-02-9999

■General Admission Seat: S seat. \3,800, A seat. \3,000
■Member of Tomonokai, students under university, people with disabilities: S seat. \2,800, A seat. \2,400
Note: Please show your student ID / disability handbook at the reception counter.
■New Membership Campaign: S seat. \3,500 (You can also get one-year membership rights.)

Last updated: 2 July, 2019

25 September, 2019

start 6:30pm(open 6:00pm)

Nagoya City Youth Cultural Center Artpiahall

nadyapark11F,3-18-1,sakae,naka-ku,nagoya,aichi 460-0008