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Sandplaytherapy workshop

Many of you may have heard or seen the term “Sandplaytherapy” before. “Sandplaytherapy” is an art therapy technique founded by Swiss psychotherapist D. Calfe in the 1950s and introduced to Japan by Hayao Kawai in 1965. Although the technique is based on Jungian psychology, it has been used extensively in Japan, even by non-Jungians.

 This is a Sandplaytherapy One Day workshop that has been well received every time. In conventional Sandplaytherapy workshop, it is considered better to make a piece of artwork and then talk about it only sparingly, leaving the participants feeling unsatisfied. However, this Sandplaytherapy workshop is used an approach developed by instructor Kazuyuki Kusayanagi that encourages an internal process that develops into a wonderfully moving experience through careful and sophisticated dialogue and sometimes work based on the expression of the artwork.

 This approach was theorized and systematized by Kazuyuki Kusayanagi, the instructor, in the mid-1990s, after he devised it through his clinical experience from the perspective of how to effectively use Sandplaytherapy workshop in a natural way after the client has created the work. Recently, the method has been renamed “Mindfulness Sandplaytherapy workshop,” and integrates elements of NLP, Gestalt therapy, psychodrama, and mindfulness, which is attracting attention today. This method has been used in training sessions organized by the Japan Industrial Counselors Association and other organizations.

 Those who attend this workshop will be fascinated by the dynamic and rich possibilities of Sandplaytherapy workshop.
We look forward to seeing you at this workshop.

[Lecturer] Kazuyuki Kusayanagi (Part-time lecturer at Daito Bunka University / Representative of Mental Service Center, Counselor)

[ Profile of Lecturer : Kazuyuki Kusayanagi] ==================
Mental Service Centre Representative, Counselor. He is a trustee of Tokyo Branch of The Japanese Association of Counseling Science, a certificated counselor of The Japanese Association of Counseling Science. He has been in charge of training and workshops on Sandplaytherapy mainly for the Japan Industrial Counselors Association, and has been well received.

He is a leading expert of the DV victimizers’ recovery and the pioneer of the practice of DV abusers’ treatment program, which was established for the first time in Japan by him, of the development of this program’s method, and of the training provider to the experts. His practice has been introduced through media such as newspapers, TV, and magazines. He wrote “Domestic Violence” (Iwanami Shoten), collectively written, “Standard Introduction to music therapy Vol.2”(Shunjusha) and many other books.
He was awarded the prize for the Social Contributor in 2015 presented by the Nippon Shakaikouken Foundation, which had appreciated his pioneering practice for DV issues. It has been 20 years since he requested Makoto Nomura to compose a piano piece for a campaign against DV with introducing music. He has been performing the piece both at home and abroad. The piece has been performed at various opportunities, such as at the concerts for praying peace, at mini-concerts held by a colloquium, at public-private collaborative events, at symposia of DV issues, and so on. He advocates that peace in each family will lead peace in the society.

Last updated: 14 December, 2022
Date 1 April, 2023
Time Saturday, April 1, 2023, 10:00 - 17:00
Price 7,700 yen) →After the payment is completed, we will send you site information.
Venue Kusayanagi Workroom (10 minutes from JR Ikebukuro Station North Exit)