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The most accessed English pages by people living in Japan for September 2014

We could guess that people who viewed English pages from Japan are foreign residents or visitors. The following are the events they were interested in during the month of September 2014.

The most viewed events

1 Yokohama Oktoberfest 2014
2 Yokota announces 2014 Japanese-American Friendship Festival
3 NEPAL Festival 2014
4 Sunshine City Festa do Brasil 2014
5 World Breakfast Festival 2014
6 2014 Oktoberfest in Akihabara
7 Air festival Hamamatsu 2014
8 Daihatsu Ovo in Osaka
10 Sendai Oktoberfest 2014

■The No.1 event was “Yokohama Oktoberfest 2014“
Yokohama Oktoberfest 2014 is held from October 3rd to the 19th, for 17 days in total at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. It was top-ranked for September, thus it shows how high people’s expectation must be.

■Many international events are in the ranking
Events themed on Nepal and Brazil placed 3rd and 4th respectively. And, “World Breakfast” where you can taste breakfasts from all over the world became 5th. Moreover, the German beer festival, “Oktoberfest”, is doing quite well and the ones in Akihabara and Sendai entered the ranking. Foreigners in Japan seem to like international events.

■Two events at “base”
“Yokota announces 2014 Japanese-American Friendship Festival” and “Air festival Hamamatsu 2014” got in the ranking. They take place at a military base where we can’t usually go inside. It appears that the foreigners who work there, and also, their families and friends were looking for information about them.

*It is a page view-based ranking. Events, held during or after September and posted on Japan Attraction, are covered.

Popular Categories

1 Alcohol
2 Festivals
3 Food
4 Exhibitions
5 Sorts
6 Music
7 Hands-on activities
8 Ilumination
9 Flea Market and on-site sale
10 Popculture

■The beginning of Autumn appetite? No.1 is “Alcohol” and No.3 is “Food”
Alcohol and Food ranked first and 3rd. The 2nd place was “Festivals”. This is most likely due to a lot of annual festivals being held in this season. The 8th place was “Illumination”. We usually associate Illumination with winter. So, would it not make you wonder why? The reason is that there were many events involved with lanterns and candles.

*Page view-based by primary categories.

Popular Locations

1 Kanagawa
2 Osaka
3 Tokyo
4 Miyazaki
5 Saitama
6 Aichi
7 Ibaraki
8 Shizuoka
9 Okinawa
10 Nara

■The first place on locations is Kanagawa
The locations from 1st Kanagawa to 3rd Tokyo are cities where a large number of foreign residents live. However, the 4th place was Miyazaki. Are there dedicated fans of Miyazaki?

*Page view-based by prefectures.

Origin of access by prefecture

1 Tokyo
2 Kanagawa
3 Osaka
4 Saitama
5 Aichi
6 Kyoto
7 Okinawa
8 Chiba
9 Fukuoka
10 Ibaraki

■The majority of visitors to the website came from Tokyo
The access from Tokyo was way ahead of other prefectures which was 53.2% of total visits. Next was Kanagawa (15.3%), and then, Osaka (6.0%). As was expected, there were more views from the Higashi-Meihan area.

*Session based. Numbers shown are percentage of total number of visits.

【Overview of the rankings】

Survey period: September 1st, 2014 to September 30th, 2014
Survey method: Google Analytics
Target: English pages accessed from Japan

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