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Teattrical company RIGOLO the 37 performance 『Rider』

25th Anniversary of Foundation 『Rider』
■Go beyond the story! ! A story that flies into space. 
■Place:ASAGAYA theaterSHINE〈June〉29(thu)19:00~、30(fri)14:00~☆/19:00~、〈July〉1(sat)13:00~/18:00~、2(sun)13:00~/18:00~、3(mon)19:00~、4(tue)19:00~、5(wed)19:00~、6(thu)19:00~、7(fri)14:00~☆/19:00~、8(sat)13:00~/18:00~、9(sun)13:00~ ※Opening is half an hour before the perfomance begins. ■Charge ・Advavce ticket:4,500yen ・Same-day ticket:5,000yen
☆Weekday daytime discount ticket:3,800yen ・Student discount ticket:3,000yen
■Reservation:Quartet Online

Last updated: 9 May, 2023
Date 29 June, 2023 - 9 July, 2023
Venue ASAGAYA theater SHINE
Asagaya Minami 1-15-15 in Suginami Ward,Tokyo 166-0004