WATARIGLASS studio: Blown glass production experience

Was blown breath on glass, creating a vase or cup.
Make a shape while reheated many times the glass attached to the end of a stick.
It takes about 30 minutes from 20 minutes to make it one.
You can be a step-by-step experience, the basic steps of handmade glass.

Recommend a reservation. Please check the official site for more information.
*Closed on Wednesday. Tuesday, I do not accept the experience for the business only shop.

(From official website)

Last updated: 4 April, 2019
Price Make one work: 3,000yen or more
Website http://watariglass.p1.bindsite.jp/taiken.html
Venue WATARIGLASS studio
17-14, Ayukawacho, Fukui-shi, Fukui 910-3402