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Yamako-senbei Soka Senbei(rice cracker) homemade experience

“Garden of Soka rice cracker” is a theme park of rice crackers that features a corner experience that can be crackers Te-sho experience.
You can visit and of how the craftsman makes a charcoal fire homemade, homemade experience of crackers in the studio. (Reservation is not needed)

Last updated: 5 April, 2021
Time 10:00am - 18:00pm (last order for cafe and hand-baking experience 17:30)
Price 500yen
Venue Yamako-senbei Soka-senbei no niwa(Garden of Soka rice cracker)
790-2, Kimmeicho, Soka-shi, Saitama 340-0052