Nonaka kamaboko: Kamaboko experience

I thought in the Nonaka kamaboko, and want to know more kamaboko, we opened a workshop experience that anyone can enjoy.
Want to experience the bustling with everyone?

● Please select from 3 courses
· “No” Courses (About 120 minutes, 40 people capacity, 2,000 yen)
Grilled fish paste / fish paste noodle / tempura/ grilled fish paste

· “Na” Courses (About 60 minutes, 40 people capacity, 1,500 yen)
Grilled fish paste / fish paste noodle / tempura

· “Ka” Courses (About 30 minutes, 80 people capacity, 1,000 yen)
Grilled fish paste / fish paste noodles

● Availability / Notes
· Experience Minimum number of players: 5 or more
· How to reservation:
The reservation must be made before the morning of the 2 days
Only accepts reservations by phone
· Availability:
Please check the official site
· Please bring an apron for the day

Last updated: 4 April, 2019

10:00am start / 1:30pm start *Closed: Wednesday

Prices differ depending on course

Nonaka kamaboko corporation (Nonaka kamaboko factory)

234, Nishiyokamachi Takataro, Saga-shi, Saga 840-0036